Kinect as a 3D Scanner – reloaded

Maybe you remember some months ago Microsoft Research published information about KinectFusion, an application that allowed to incrementally digitize a 3D scene with the kinect. Until now they haven’t made this available to the public. Now some engineers have been able to reproduce the functionality and made it available for non commercial use.

ReconstructMe works on top of the OpenNI Framework and thus can also use the Asus Xtion sensor. The Application makes use of the GPU for generating the 3D data. If you don’t have a GPU powerful enough you can still process recorded data in just not in realtime then. The generated 3D scene can be exported in the STL and OBJ format.

Replacing the TV Remote

PrimeSense the company providing the technology behind Microsofts Kinect is working with Asus on the long awaited ūüôā¬† replacement for the TV Remote. One result of this cooperation is a new product by Asus the “WAVI Xtion”. The technology behind it is the same as the Kinects. Other than Microsoft Asus is not aiming for the gaming market but the living room in general. Seeing it as the dooropener for bringing the¬† PC into the living room.

Amongst other things one important part of this development is to increase the resolution of the sensor to allow tracking of smaller structures like fingers.

[via Technology Review].