Git – Updating a Fork from the upstream Repo

Add the repository this fork was created from as an upstream remote

git remote add upstream

Fetch everything from upstream

git fetch upstream

Switch to the branch you want to merge

git checkout master


git merge upstream/master

Update node.js on OSX

The following commands update node.js on OSX to the most current version:

sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable

Building a PHP Extension with a specific version

When building a native php extension it’s possible to run into problems when there are different php versions installed on the build system. As the extension is build with the php version / sources that are in the search path.

That is why “configure” allows to pass in a path to the php-config executable of the version /sources your are targeting. Run the configure for your extension like that:

./configure –with-php-config=[path to your php bin directory]/php-config

php-config returns all the necessary information so that configure is able to setup a valid makefile.