Open Source Image Classifier

Libccv is an open source image classifier and computer vision library.

It runs on Mac OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Raspberry Pi. In fact, anything that has a proper C compiler probably can run ccv. The majority (with notable exception of convolutional networks, which requires a BLAS library) of ccv will just work with no compilation flags or dependencies.

Among lots of other things it has a SIFT implementation

The sources are available on github.

Open Source Video Driver for the Raspberry Pi

Broadcom recently announced the release of full documentation for the VideoCore IV graphics core, and a complete source release of the graphics stack under a 3-clause BSD license. This is good news for the Raspberry Pi community. The release targets the BCM21553 cellphone chip, it should be reasonably straightforward to port this to the Pis BCM2835, allowing access to the graphics core without using a binary blob.


As an incentive to do build a open source video driver the Raspberry Pi foundation will pay a bounty of $10,000 to the first person to demonstrate that they can successfully run Quake III at a playable framerate on Raspberry Pi. This competition is open worldwide, and you can find competition rules here which describe what you have to do, and how to enter.

32 Bit Grbl based CNC Controler


Smoothieboard is a 32 bit CNC controller board. It runs the open source grbl based Smoothieware firmware.

It features :

  • 32-bit Cortex-M3 LPC1769 with 512kB flash and 64kB RAM
  • 3 to 5 A5984 stepper drivers with 1/32 microstepping
  • Thermistors and mosfets to control heaters and fans
  • Ethernet and USB connections
  • SD card to store configuration and Gcode files
  • Various inputs and outputs for extensibility


  • smoothie