Virtual Reality as a Tool

The VR hardware market exploded after Facebook deemed VR investment worthy with its 2 billion acquisition of Oculus in 2014. A lot of serious players entered the game and Q1/2016 is gonna be the culmination of this. All major players Oculus, HTC/Valve, Sony and Microsoft with their AR headset, announced the public release of their consumer products for the beginning of next year. What still seems the most interesting to see though is what Magic Leap can come up with.

I always thought that the real magic of VR and AR technology doesn’t lie in entertainment but in its great potential as a tool for engineering and creation in general. So far only one company, HTC, lets this idea reflect in its marketing leading up to the big battle of the platforms next year. The following video is an example for this.


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Sorting through my archives I stumbled upon a CD with some pictures from an old project I did during my studies back in 2004, called globalexplorer. The main feature was a 3x9m projection screen we put up in the stairwell of our university.

A ticket equipped with a bar-code would allow you to “log in” at a virtual globe that allowed to select from a wide range of travel destinations around the world. This triggered  a slide show of that destination on the main projection screen synced to some fitting local music score. The color of the lighting in the whole room was linked to the images as well.

As some well thought through marketing scheme 🙂 the number that was linked to the bar-code on your ticket would allow you to log in to a website to review the images of just the destinations you visited on the virtual globe. You could leave your address get some additional information or book your journey.

Looking back it seems amazing what we pulled of with six people a lot of sponsors but altogether zero budget.