Indoor Location Systems

WiFi based

  1. WiFiSLAM aquired by Apple: Apple acquires Wifislam
  2. Navizon
  3. Redpin (Open Source)
  4. infsoft

WiFi & Bluetooth based

  1. MagicMaps

Ultrasound based

  1. Shopkick

Ultrasound + RF based

  1. Cricket

Magnetic anomaly-based

  1. Indoor Atlas

RFID (active) based

  1. OpenBeacon (Open Source)

Blog entry on passive solutions. The industry term for this is RTLS (Real time location system): Passive RFID providing RTLS Real-or-hype

Paper on “Decimeter-Level Localization with a Single WiFi Access Point

Precise indoor smartphone tracking

Shopkick uses the build in microphone of a smartphone, currently iOS or Android based, to triangulate its position via a network of ultrasonic beacons. Other then satellite based systems like GPS this allows a more precise location tracking especially in indoor situations where GPS is not or poorly available. Shopkick did a first installation in a Best Buy in San Francisco as part of a POS application.

See also this article here: technologie review article …