DiY Sci-Fi Short

A sci-fi short filmed by a Scottish art director has become what The Hollywood Reporter calls the “year’s first hot short.”

 Craig, 37, used the short film, titled Modern Times, as an exercise in on-the-job training. The DIY filmmaker “relied on the goodwill of friends, with the ultimate cost of the short being sandwiches and pints at the pub,” according to the Reporter’s Heat Vision blog.

Watch Modern Times and you’ll see a quiet, visually impressive meditation on the future. There are no exploding spaceships, no blue aliens and no lasers. And the decision to skip dialog and go with an operatic soundtrack definitely classes up the clip.

The short film has generated interest from studios including Warner Bros, Fox and Paramount, according to Heat Vision. A behind-the-scenes clip, embedded below, shows how Craig pulled off his Hollywood hit.


Kinect – The Community Rules

Once again the open source community shows the industry how it’s done. The demos and concepts that have been development since the community cranked out a driver/library for the kinect in just a few days after its release are quite astounding. Good for Microsoft that they seem to have understood that they shouldn’t blockade that movement. Soon they will start copying its ideas I guess.

I try to follow the work of Oliver Kreylos a german researcher at the university of california. He was one of the first generating a mesh from the voxel data provided by the kinect and texturing it with the rgb data from the second camera.

In his latest work he uses two calibrated kinects in combination and thus allows an object to be scanned from two sides at the same time without rotating it. A lot of people thought that the kinects structured light sensor wouldn’t be able to deal with two overlapping dot fields. But it seems to work, have a look: