Polarized 3D LCDs

After LG and Hyundai Philips announced a new product series of polarized 3D LCDs. Still they will continue to offer active stereo. The advantage of polarized displays, in their opinion are the cheap glasses. Polarized displays will become available starting in two product series: First the 7000er series and the 50″ “Gold variant” of the 21:9 Cinema Display. In the 7000er series the 42″ 42-PFL7607K will be available starting in May followed by displays in the range of 32″ to 55″ between June and August.

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Augmented Reality Web Browser

Blair MacIntyre, associate professor in Georgia Tech’s College of Computing and member of Tech’s GVU Center, discusses the release of Argon, the first mobile augmented reality browser based on open Web standards.

MacIntyre and his Augmented Environments Lab in the School of Interactive Computing developed Argon to move the Web into the world. It does so by taking video from the phone’s camera and rendering graphical content on top of the video to provide users with an experience that merges space with cyberspace.

Multiformat Stereo Video Player

There is a multiformat stereo videoplayer available at: 3dtv.at. The demo runs for 5 subsequent minutes max. The full version is priced at 39 Euro for private and 89 Euro for commercial use.

supported playout formats:

  • Source
  • Monoscopic
  • Dual Screen Output
  • NVIDIA Stereo Driver
  • StereoBright™ 2
  • Quad Buffered OpenGL 3
  • Sharp 3D Display
  • 3D Enabled DLP-TV
  • Tridelity SL Series 3D Displays
  • SIS Attachment 4
  • Side By Side
  • Over/Under
  • Row Interlaced
  • Column Interlaced
  • True Anaglyph Red – Blue
  • True Anaglyph Red – Green
  • Gray Anaglyph Red – Cyan
  • Gray Anaglyph Yellow – Blue
  • Gray Anaglyph Green – Magenta
  • Half Color Anaglyph Red – Cyan
  • Half Color Anaglyph Yellow – Blue
  • Half Color Anaglyph Green – Magenta
  • Color Anaglyph Red – Cyan
  • Color Anaglyph Yellow – Blue
  • Color Anaglyph Green – Magenta
  • Optimized Anaglyph Red – Cyan
  • Optimized Anaglyph Yellow – Blue
  • Optimized Anaglyph Green – Magenta

input formats:

  • Video for Windows (*.avi), MPEG-1 (*.mpg), Windows Media (*.wmv, *.asf), QuickTime (*.mov) and Material Exchange Format (*.mxf)
  • photos in mpo, jpg, jps, tif, gif, png and bmp format
  • Windows Media Dual Stream filesSupports separate left/right files
  • MXF files of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), including XYZ to RGB color space conversion
  • Digital Rights Management (for stereoscopic Windows Media files only)
  • Playback of any other format supported by third party DirectShow decoders
  • Windows Media 7.1 and 5.1 multichannel audio decoding
  • Windows Media streaming
  • 3D-DVD playback 1
  • Live playback from capture devices (TV card, DV camcorder, …)

Professional active stereo Full HD projector

The german company Digital Image offers a modified projectiondesign F32 projector that is capable of active stereo at true 120Hz. This is made possible by integrating a second image generation pipeline into the original F32 housing.

Digital Image claims that they developed the technology behind the F10-AS3D, available directly from projectiondesign. Here is an inteview with Anders Lokke from projectiondesign on the F10-AS3D:

Rumour has it that later this year Projection Design is planing to launch an active stereo variant of the WQXGA F35. Hopefully it will feature the same true 120Hz technologie than the modified F32 by Digital Image.

Low priced polarized LCD 3D Display

One of the few available polarized LCD 3D Displays is the LG 47LD950. As of today the lowest internet price is ~1.000 Euro.

Hyundai has also some polarized LCDs available pdf but the 46″ sized displays internet price is now arround 9.200 Euro.

The last polarized display I found is the JVC GD-463D10. The internet price is arround 5.200 Euro.

What’s the reason for the huge price difference? I don’t know.