OctoPrint Plugin for Klipper

I made a OctoPrint plugin for the Klipper 3D printer firmware. It’s on GitHub at: github.com/mmone/OctoprintKlipperPlugin.

Features so far:
  • Simplified connection dialog.
  • Restart Host and MCU processes.
  • User defineable macro buttons.
  • Assisted bed leveling wizard with user definable probe points.
  • Dialog to set a coordinate offset for future GCODE move commands.
  • PID Tuning Dialog.
  • Message log displaying messages from Klipper prepended with “//” and “!!”.
Some screenshots:

2 Replies to “OctoPrint Plugin for Klipper”

  1. Hi,
    i tried to install your slipper add-on.
    Plugin Manager finished successfully but after restart there is no Klipper Menu in the settings.
    Best Regards

    1. Thank you for reporting this bug, it should be fixed now. Please reinstall.
      For possible future issues it would be great if you could report them on github so others can track them more easily.

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