Lighthouse Sensor Schematics

Basic information on Lighthouse and schematics

Schematics of the discrete part of a sensor node for the Valve/HTC Vive Lighthouse Tracking System courtesy of Alan Yates. More info in this thread on reddit: in Alan Yates posts here: and in this video with him talking about it at maker faire:

Also interesting the embedded-fm podcast with Alan Yates talking about Lighthouse Development and the science behind it in general:

In depth analysis of lighthouse technology

For an in depth analysis of the lighthouse system read Oliver Kreylos post here:


Someone made a board from the schematics. The data is on github:


Open Source implementation

There is a open source implementation of a indoor tracking system that uses the vive base stations on github:

Official Licensing of Lighthouse Technology

Last but not least. Valve started a royalty-free licensing program to use lighthouse technology for third-party products. Licensees will need to pay $2,975 to attend a training course, but other than that, there’s no licensing fees or royalties for using the tech.

Valve provides a Lighthouse ‘Licensee Dev Kit’ to companies who apply to use the technology. It includes:

Dev Kit Contents

  • A modular reference tracked object suitable for attaching to prototype HMDs or other devices
  • Full complement of EVM circuit boards to enable rapid prototyping of your own tracked object
  • 40 individual sensors for building your own tracked object
  • Accessories to enable custom prototypes


  • Software toolkit to assist with optimal sensor placement
  • Calibration tools for prototyping and manufacturing


  • Schematics and layouts for all electronic components
  • Mechanical designs for the reference tracked object and accessories
  • Datasheets for the sensor ASICs

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