2D / 3D High Res 360 Degree Camera

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute is currently working on a complete end-to-end system for the real-time acquisition and projection of immersive, high-resolution video panoramas. The approach is based on a flexible, mirror-based multi-camera rig that uses multiple HD cameras to capture very high-resolution video panoramas. These videos are then exhibited with a flexible multi-projection system in order to provide the viewers with the immersive feeling of watching the event on-site from the very best seat.


  • Real-time acquisition and projection of high resolution video panoramas with large field-of-view (FOV),
  • Capturing with flexible rig for up to five HD cameras with FOV of 150 degrees,
  • Full circle rig for up to 12 HD cameras with 360 degree capturing capability,
  • Exhibition with flexible, high-resolution multi-projection system,
  • Based on CineCard PCI-card that supports up to four projectors per board (and up to 16 projectors per PC),
  • Unlimited cascading in both vertical and horizontal direction,
  • Immersive viewing experience that feels like “being there”.


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